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And I was surprised by foodies as the best chef Todd WISS greenhouse tomatoes are incredibly close to the taste of reproduction. Perfectly ripe summer tomato garden. “It’s amazing” WISS say that after trying to greenhouse grown heirloom tomatoes Gary Ibsen’s Gold.

These are a far cry from supermarket tomatoes taste often find that this time of year. When tomatoes are shipped long distances, they are usually harvested before they are ripe, which enhances the flavor. Plus, we have previously reported, some of the flavor of the supermarket varieties have been bred accidentally.

Advantage of the new greenhouse tomato crop is not far from the city where they are sold and eaten, and it Locavore ethos driving this trend. “Today’s harvest will be sent to the store tomorrow,” Paul modeling and simulation of Greenhous farm in Berkeley Springs, W.Va. says.

The business model has boomed in recent years as retailers such as Wegmans and in DC, metro area and snap up heirloom cherry tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as his lettuces.

“There are times I have to hit the pavement,” says the sales model. Now he has paid a premium from the manufacturer. “Locally grown” is in high demand. “I’m finally having fun.”.
Even the New Englanders to get a summer tasting fresh tomatoes are grown not far from his home in Maine Farm Backyard leadership and greenhouses vertically to change the landscape out of the park at O’Hare Airport in Chicago to Harvest vertical. of Jackson Hole, Wyo., which is just beginning.

So how do they grow? Many of these operations are turning to hydroponic farming, which means that the plants will not grow in soil.

As we’ve reported before, the ground is one of the important components of tomato flavor. But do not get the nutrients hydroponic tomatoes just one of them (and fertilizer) from liquid solutions directly through a tube irrigation. This often requires less water and less land than traditional agriculture.

In fact, it uses up to 10 times and seven times less land, less water per pound by Kate Siskel BrightFarms of the company increased by the creation of local ingredients, housing or a supermarket.

Ridicule that has the advantage of growing up in an otherwise “., We get very little damage from defects” and he was able to avoid the use of chemicals on the leaves or fruits of his crops.